Glenn was born in Tuscaloosa, AL in 1951 and grew up in Elrod, AL, a small community in Tuscaloosa County. In 1971 she moved to Greenville, NC where she now resides with her husband, Jim and two children, Brandy and Robert.

Glenn is a self-taught artist, who has taken class seminars from some of the worlds best realist painters:


  • Dru Blair (Photorealistic Portrait and Advanced Illustration workshop)
  • Nationally known, Paul McCormack (Realist Portrait Painter)
  • Bob Travers (Wildlife Realist Painter)
  • James Sulkowski (Know for Dutch Masters Style paitings)

Except for large size commissions or murals, Glenn generally works on 3 or 4 projects at a time.Oils along with color pencils are her medium of choice although she uses acrylic, pastels, and pen and ink. Other than canvas her preference is ultra smooth Claybord or gessoboard.

“My favorite medium is oil, along with colored pencil, Acrylic, some Pastels, Pen and Ink. My true passion is painting portraits of people, although if you view my galleries you will witness my strong love of flowers. Soon I will have the pleasure to learn Clay. This will be new for me. I’m looking forward to mastering it. I already have a list of projects I want to do.”




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